The profile for using a cable duct or a third pipe for pipes with 15, 16, 18 and 20 mm Ø

The SLL skirting board profile is used for the additional installation of a cable duct (recommended 30 x 30 mm) or for the installation of a third pipe. It is a stable plastic hollow chamber profile with a sealing lip to the wall to compensate for uneven walls. In combination with the socket container, it is the ideal profile for a quick and cost-effective modernisation of your home.

It is fastened after the pipes have been laid with the clamp art. no. 2150 or before the pipes have been laid with the clamp art. no. 2250.

The HZ decor variety, in proven quality!

Light oak

Item no. 52360, 2m

Item no. 2360, 4m


Item no. 52380, 2m

Item no. 2380, 4m

Downloads for the SLL-series

  • Dimensioned drawing
  • Planning and assembly guidelines

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