Dummy skirting boards for walls without heating pipes.

On walls without heating pipes we recommend the use of dummy skirting board profiles. They consist of a stable plastic hollow chamber profile with a sealing lip to the wall and are available in 11 different decors to match the skirting board profiles SLF up to 22 mm Ø. The dummy skirting  boards (BLF) are easily mounted with the dummy strip holder (BLH) item no. 155.


The HZ decor variety, in proven quality!


Item no. 52019, 2m

Light beech

Item no. 52029, 2m

Dark beech

Item no. 54139, 2m

White ash

Item no. 54149, 2m


Item no. 52059, 2m

Light oak

Item no. 5169, 2m

Dark oak

Item no. 5179, 2m


Item no. 5189, 2m


Item no. 5199, 2m


Item no. 52519, 2m


Item no. 52529, 2m

This is how it works:

Here you will find our instructions for installing the HZ skirting board profiles as well as the HZ molded parts with the corresponding HZ brackets.

HZ-BLF with Art. 155 and inside corner for dummy skirting boards

HZ-BLF - outside corner for dummy skirting board

HZ-BLF - butt joint

HZ-BLF - end piece right / left

Downloads for the BLF-series

  • Dimensioned drawing
  • Facts & figures - BLF Blind strip with decorative foil
  • Facts & Figures - BLF Blind strip with stamping foil
  • Facts & figures - BLF moulded parts with decor

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