Heating pipes laid parallel to the floor are covered with high-quality HZ skirting board profiles. A large variety of decors and different skirting board dimensions leave nothing to be desired. The easy-to-use HZ fastening technology ensures quick and easy installation.

The HZ decor variety, in proven quality!


Item no. 52010, 2m

Light beech

Item no. 52020, 2m

Item no. 2020, 4m

Dark beech

Item no. 52030, 2m

White ash

Item no. 52040, 2m

Item no. 2040, 4m


Item no. 52050, 2m

Light oak

Item no. 52060, 2m

Item no. 2060, 4m

Dark oak

Item no. 52070, 2m


Item no. 52080, 2m

Item no. 2080, 4m


Item no. 52090, 2m

Item no. 2090, 4m


Item no. 52510, 2m

Item no. 2510, 4m


Item no. 52520, 2m

Item no. 2520, 4m

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