Shorter strip - better handling! From now on HZ skirting profiles are also available in 2 meter lengths - we offer this service at the current meter price! The short length enables a fast delivery service.   A huge advantage when it comes to transport and handling: The specially manufactured packaging cartons are equipped with … Continued

The new ones for a firm connection! HZ butt connector and HZ butt clamp

Two for a firm connection! The new butt joint bracket and the optimised butt joint simplify assembly considerably. The molded part is pushed onto the bracket from above and ensures a stable connection. The ease of assembly saves you time and therefore money. The new butt joint is available in all 11 decors of the … Continued

NEW! NEW! Radiator connection 1445R / 1448R

For all finished radiators with integrated valve for connection from below right or centre in conjunction with HZ compensation angle shut-off fitting AWA. Suitable for all press jaws for press connections contour type V.   Advantages:  No additional connection points For copper and C-steel pipes up to 15 % cheaper