Accessories for skirting boards

The HZ 2000 brackets art. no. 2150, 2250, 2151 and 2152 are supplied together with the slides. If a slide is misplaced you can order a spare slide art. no. 2001 separately.

The notching pliers and the cover strip (do not use with art. No. 1515/1518) permit a fast and clean installation of the HZ radiator connections in combination with the HZ plastic skirting boards.

Use the flexible, self-adhesive sealing lip to extend the HZ profiles by 10 mm towards the floor or the wall, which enables you to compensate for unevenness in the wall or floor.

Use of the precision mitre saw or the mitre cutting device will enable you to achieve an exact mitre cut.

Apart from heat insulation the insulation hose will also reduce noise in prewall installation of pipework.




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