The advantages of pre-wall installation when modernising heating systems are obvious: no need to chisel out chasing, no rubble in rooms which are occupied, no extra renovation work, quick installation times, savings in expense.

State-of-the-art pre-wall installation consists of cladding heating pipes that are laid on top of plaster. HZ supplies the right system for cladding pipes.


Skirting Board Profiles


Heating pipes parallel to the floor are concealed with the high-quality HZ skirting board profiles. A wide range of décors and different sized skirting boards will meet practically any conceivable requirement. HZ’s simple fixing methods ensure quick and easy installation.  

Riser Sections


For vertical piping HZ supplies riser sections in U and L shapes in a total of seven different sizes. Pipes along walls and ceilings can be concealed without any difficulty. They are indispensable for cladding insulated risers.  

Radiator Connections


Fast and attractive fitting of radiators can be achieved using the HZ radiator connection systems for pre-wall installation. They are available for all types of connections: soldering - press-fitting - screwing. Use these and you will save considerable time in pre-wall installation.